September 15, 2016

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Selling your home? Get started by scheduling an appointment with Tamerah, do an initial walk through with her…


Home Staging Nashville – Declutter, Re-position and Stage – “Create A Fresh New Look and Feel”

Designs by Tamerah is a HomeAdvisor Top Rated ProPERSONAL WALK THROUGH – Detailed Recommendations

Get started by scheduling a consultation today. The consultation payment will be applied to to the cost of staging your home should you decide to use our services.

Many become overwhelmed around the thought of decluttering and organizing their homes. Let us do it for you. We can use the furniture and items that you already have and re-position them in such a way that make rooms feel bigger and brighter.

We do it every day and have come up with some unique ways to create decluttered happiness.

Once your consultation payment has been received and approved we will contact you by email or phone to schedule a meeting at your earliest convenience.

Tamerah Brown at Designs by Tamerah

Tamerah will call or email you to schedule at your convenience a visit to discuss your budget and goal for re-positioning your home or space. She will do a walk-through of your home and develop a detailed plan to position your home in the best possible way either to list it on the market or just simply to make it a more comfortable place to live.

She will discuss and recommend paint colors furniture placement/removal and accessories to bring out the best features of your home.

RE-INVENT YOUR SPACE – Declutter, Organize, Re-positioning

Our home staging Nashville service can totally overhaul your space, or make high-impact minor adjustments so you feel as if you have arrived at a new home. We are a home staging business serving all of Nashville working with individual property owners, real estate agents, rehabbers and home builders.

We declutter, reorganize and stage your home to achieve the greatest appeal for you or your potential audience. Our home staging service is designed to fit into every budget. If you have especially appealing pieces, we can “position highlight” those pieces in whatever room they would look best and if you have some not so-great-pieces, we will accessorize those to make them much more appealing. Your pieces of furniture and/or decor may even end up in different rooms or in different parts of a room.

BUDGET FRIENDLY – Do 1 room or the entire house.

Tamerah will also customize any home staging plan to fit your budget and goals!

Reviews and Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

Estella K. in Nashville, TN
Project: Home Organizing
I cannot say enough wonderful things about Tamerah. She was able to come in and make my apartment feel like a home in a very hectic time and I m grateful. I would and will recommend her services to everyone.

Susan D. in Hendersonville, TN
Project: Home Organizing
Tamerah went above and beyond what I expected. I had no clue how much went into organizing. I highly recommend her. Well worth the money.

Robin W. in Nashville, TN
Project: Home Organizing
I hired Tamerah to help me organize my kitchen. I was overwhelmed by the project, but she has a gift of knowing where things should go and helping me sort through what I wanted to keep and what things I could let go. I highly recommend her service!

Sandy D. in Greenbrier, TN

Project: Interior Decorator
This professional was excellent. She has great ideas and was open to my thoughts and ideas too. Was a pleasure to work with

Sue ann A. in Niceville, FL
Project: Interior Decorator
Tamera has many years of experience and is honest and dependable and has a wonderful personality. She is considerate of your own thoughts and ideas but has tremendous and refreshing ideas of her own which she loves to share. She is quite self-motivated and is very easy to communicate with.

Kim P. in Franklin, TN
Project: Home Organizing
Tamerah did an amazing job! I had closets and a very messy laundry room to clean out and organize to help get my house on the market. She was able to help me decide what to get rid of and then organize everything else. I wish I had hired her a long time ago! Would highly recommend her services.

Flora P. in Springfield, TN
Project: Home Organizing
Tamerah is the ultimate professional, very helpful, not pushy or condescending. She works harder than anyone I’ve seen in any setting, ever. Her diplomatic skills are top notch, also dealing with differences between my husband and I regarding weather items need to go.

Tamerah has improved our quality of life and given us the tools to continue going forward. Her design ideas are spot on, also using much of the items we already have, very conscience of our budget and personal style. I had gotten to the point of being very depressed and “paralyzed” by our situation.

Tamerah is truly a life saver!! This is the best money I have ever spent to improve my life and mental health!!!! Tamerah is a true Angel!!

Becky W. in Nashville, TN
Project: Home Organizing
Thank you Tamerah. You have made my house a home. I had 1 bedroom that I “threw” things into. You couldn’t see the floor.

I don’t mind having company again. She also rearranged my furniture in the living room and dining room. Both rooms look much better, the way she designed the rooms they also look much larger. I was finally able to put all my paintings on the walls.

I would highly recommend Tamerah, and if I need any organizing in the future I know who to call. Thank you again.

quotes1Letter of Recommendation for Tamerah Brown

It is my great pleasure to recommend Tamerah Brown as a decorator/repositioner. Tamerah is truly in her element when she is helping others to streamline their homes and bring order into problem areas.

She has a keen eye for picking up on the style of her customer’s and helping them to transfer that style into their homes and spaces. When Tamerah decorated our home, we fell in love with a house that we were about to put on the market.

She used the furniture and items that we already had and helped us to reposition them in such a way that the rooms felt bigger. Tamerah also painted some beautiful modern art pieces that finished off the look in a couple of our rooms and tied together the color schemes.

Tamerah has also been a great help to us in the area of organization, assisting us in making the parts of our house that had become cluttered look fresh and purposeful again.

Natalie Fortsman
Bethpage, TN

quotes1Letter of Recommendation for Tamerah Brown

Tamerah repositioned my house in September, and I could not be happier with the work she did. Before her repositioning, my house was cluttered and disorganized with no real flow or sense of consistency.

Tamerah came up with a wonderful design for each room that used the space in the best way possible, while creatively using the furniture pieces I already had. I would highly recommend her services and happily use her again myself if ever needed.

Liberty Bane
Smyrna, TN

quotes1On behalf of Tamerah Brown

I am writing on behalf of Tammy Brown regarding her “Repositioning” business. Two years ago, Tammy invested hours and days repositioning my living room and Master Bedroom.

She was able to make my living room look twice as big by re-arranging the exact same pieces. And the bedroom not only seemed much larger, but flowed and functioned so much better.

She was a pleasure to work with because her pleasant and positive attitude made the work seem fun and interesting. She was able to point out the positive changes that needed to be made, and worked with me until I felt secure with the change.

Until she started moving things around, I had no idea I was so set in my ways. After being comfortable with the way I had decorated my rooms, I was quite challenged to re-position my furniture. After seeing the results of her work, I was filled with joy and even sensed a new freedom.

Tammy takes the initiative to make sure her work is done exceptionally well. I am a satisfied recipient of her love of art and determination to spread her passion. My family and I have thoroughly enjoyed our re-positioned living room and Bedroom for years.

With her relentless motivation, Tammy brings a wealth of knowledge and skills. She is trustworthy, sensitive and understanding. I believe she will be an excellent fit for anyone’s home needs.

Karen  Johnson
Nashville, TN

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