September 15, 2016

Home Staging Consultation Nashville


We do an initial walk through of your home or individual space suggest and recommend furniture arrangement, and…


Home Staging Consultation Nashville – De-Clutter, Re-position and Stage – Create A Fresh New Look and Feel”

Many become overwhelmed around the thought of de-cluttering and organizing their homes. Let us do it for you. We can use the furniture and items that you already have and re position them in such a way that make rooms feel bigger and brighter.

We do it every day and have come up with some unique ways to create de-cluttered happiness.

Get started by scheduling a consultation today. The consultation payment will be applied to to the cost of staging your home should you decide to use our services.

Once your consultation payment has been received and approved we will contact you by email or phone to schedule a meeting at your earliest convenience.


Tamerah Brown at Designs by Tamerah

Tamerah Brown Home Staging Nashville Expert

Tamerah will call or email you to schedule at your convenience a visit to discuss your budget and goal for re-positioning your home or space. She will do a walk-through of your home and develop a detailed plan to position your home in the best possible way either to list it on the market or just simply to make it a more comfortable place to live.

She will discuss and recommend paint colors furniture placement/removal and accessories to bring out the best features of your home. Tamerah will also customize any home staging plan to fit your budget and goals!


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