Home Staging Sparta Tn

De-Cluttered, Re-Positioned and Staged Home for Resale in Sparta , Tn

Living Room Staged for Resale

Below are before and after pics of a home we staged for the owners prior to listing it on the market in Sparta, TN. We de-cluttered, re-positioned, organized and staged the entire home over 2 days.

The clutter and disorganization you see in the pictures are because the owners do not live in the home full time. They reside and work in Cleveland, TN. as medical professionals traveling back each week to pack and move more items in order to list the home on the market.

My purpose was to help them get everything packed, in storage and stage the home with the existing furniture to reduce cost and present it in the best possible light.


quotes1Tamerah we want to thank you so much for helping us stage our house. You really did the work of at least 4-5 people and did so much more than we expected! We highly recommend you to others who need your services! We were amazed at the difference you made in our house! We appreciate your God given anointing , gifts and talents.

My words just can’t express just how happy I am with what you did. We thought your work was so good, that, we want you to stage another house for sale as well. We also want you to organize us for our new future home! quotes2

Danny & Brenda Hughes

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