Tips to Declutter and Organize Your Home from a Professional

October 3, 2016 Home Staging

Declutter Your Space First

Our life is busy and many times we get overwhelmed when the clutter builds up. Let me give you a couple of tips on how to de-clutter your living space and make things a little easier.

First of all if your entire home needs decluttering don’t get overwhelmed by thinking of the big picture. Start with small little bites if you will and you will be surprised at how soon your home can become de-cluttered.

Cluttered Living RoomSure you’re busy so pick one room or one small space. Take a garbage bag, sit down and begin to throw away everything in the space that you have not used in the past year. Play some music you enjoy and make this one hour of decluttering fun! Once you’ve completed that task step back and take a detailed look at that particular space.

Then begin to rearrange what is left in the room so it has good traffic flow and furniture spacing that is welcoming and gives you peace and functionality. Reposition things in such away with baskets and such that will keep you from cluttering that space again.

Just by choosing one hour a day or one hour a week to declutter a particular space the next thing you know your entire home will be clutter free!

Organizing Your Space Next

decluttered-repositioned-living-roomOnce the decluttering has taken place it’s much easier to organize your space.

Once again you want to take only one room or one space at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed with the entire scope of the project. Step back look at your space think about how you come into that space each day. If you leave your keys on the table put up a little hanger on the wall to hang them up. If your mail gets thrown on a desk or the countertop put a basket there that matches your Decor and put your mail and receipts in that basket.

If you have children and you have toys or many like items such as crafts, visit your local discount store buy some small clear bins with lids, some white peel off labels and a marker pen. Put like items in each bin label the front of the bin. You can then stack them on a shelf, in the corner, under a bed, inside a cabinet; but it’s organized and you can pull out one bin at a time.

During the colder months when coats and sweaters are used, they can typically end up across the chair or couch or a bed. Buy a small rack with hooks on it, available at most any store. Attach that to a wall next to the door where you enter. Be sure when you attach it the screws go into a solid stud behind the wall so that the weight of the coats or sweaters won’t pull it off the wall. This will bring some organization to your home during those months where there’s lots of extra clothing to be dealt with.

Hopefully with these tips and ideas in mind you’ll be on the way to achieving de-cluttered and organized happiness!


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